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My absolute favorite thing is to capture what love looks and feels like. The rush you feel when they walk in the room and the world stops. The chills you get when you're so close that all you can do is breathe each other in. The depth in your eyes when you look at each other. The passion that keeps you feeling a l i v e. 

That's what I do. Are you in?

Hi, I'm Karely. 

wedding and portrait photographer based in southern ca


The Experience 

Karely is absolutely amazing! I was very stressed about our first ever photoshoot with posing and such, but she gave great direction and feedback which made it a very fun experience. Getting the photos back literally brought tears to my eyes with how well she caught the looks and laughs as well as the more serious and intimate shots. I've never felt more beautiful. These are easily my favorite photos of us! 

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Sabrina + andrew